Yuriy Leonov took part in the IV Corporate Security Conference

Partner, Head of Corporate Security Practice of Salkom Law Firm, Yuriy Leonov took part in the IV Corporate Security Conference organized by the Association of Corporate Security Professionals of Ukraine (ACSPU) on November 6.

Important topics such as corruption and business security; business security management; security industry; security innovations and technologies were discussed at the conference. During the panel discussions, all the topics raised by the speakers were very relevant and focused on the current realities, which showed inadequate state of business protection in Ukraine and require the state to take more effective measures to ensure proper protection of private property rights and business security.

Salkom Law Firm pays great attention to the issues of legal support for creating and implementing corporate business security systems into the practical activity of companies. The purpose of the firm is under any circumstances to provide our clients with timely and effective assistance in protecting the business from unlawful attacks.



Bogdan Budnyk commented on using of tests when hiring a new employee

Today, employers more often than not are using different types of tests when hiring a new employee. Whether the employer has the right to give employment test; whether there are a list of questions that the employee may not answer; whether the test can serve as genuine written proof of confirmation of person’s professional qualification and other questions were answered by the lawyer of Salkom Law Firm Bogdan Budnyk in the comment for the online journal The Point of the site in the section "Ask a lawyer".

The full text of the interview is available in Ukrainian here.