Art Nation, an international group of companies and a global leader in brand licensing, and the Salkom Law Firm, one of the oldest leading Ukrainian law firms, have announced the start of cooperation between them. Salkom will provide legal protection of intellectual property rights to brands to prevent their unauthorised use. Salkom will provide legal support to such Art Nation’s brands as GAPCHINSKA, Prima Maria, Goose, Kozaky, Captain Vrungel, Treasure Island and other.

“One of the key objectives pursued by Art Nations is the development of Ukrainian cultural phenomena. Unfortunately, this process often entails risks of counterfeiting and unauthorised use. By cooperating with subject-matter specialists in the area of IP rights protection, we strive to obtain an efficient mechanism for combating counterfeiting and concentrate our efforts on the development of brands and their further communications” - commented Eduard Akhramovych, Art Nation’s General Producer.

Eduard Tregubov, the Managing Partner of the Salkom Law Firm, noted: “We are glad that Salkom’s Intellectual Property practice has found such a powerful partner as Art Nation. Our long-term objective is to make a domestic market more civilised and ensure that intellectual property rights are respected and receive proper protection. Unfortunately, the market is currently overflown with counterfeit products and Ukraine has been among the countries with th



​New regulations for reconstructed real estate property registration

The leader of real estate and construction practice of Salkom Law Firm Tymofii Sykorskiy shared his expert opinion regarding new regulations for registering in case of a change in the technical characteristics of the real estate property.

New regulations are provided by Anti-raid Law No. 340-IX. The case is that the Law #340-IX is about necessity of notary or registration actions regarding origin or transmitting of property tittle before registration of a change in the technical characteristics of the real estate property.

At the same time the new Law #340-IX provides such rules only for objects that are located directly on the land plot. So there is a reasonable question about application of those rules to non-residential premises that are located inside the building.

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