Corporate security and compliance

Over the course of its activity, Salkom Law Firm has gained considerable experience in the field of corporate security, namely the experience in developing and implementing integrated solutions in the activities of enterprises that identify and prevent external and internal threats to doing business.

The practice team provides legal support on corporate security issues, including the development and implementation of corporate security system regulations, relevant policies and regulations, the resolution of crisis situations and conflicts, conducting internal investigations, representing and protecting the interests of clients in government bodies.

The development and implementation of legal regulation of corporate security mechanisms is carried out in the following areas:

Anti-Corruption Compliance:

- development of internal policies (corporate governance code, anti-corruption program, etc.);

- advising and legal support on compliance with the requirements of anti-corruption, competition, corporate, labor legislation;

Information security of the enterprise:

- development of an enterprise’s information policy, legal support for the protection of information with limited access and the classification of information as a trade secret;

- protection of personal data;

Legal security of assets:

- application of legal mechanisms for prompt protection of assets;

- organizational and control measures for preventing corporate fraud;

- internal (official) investigation into the facts of financial violations, abuse, theft.