Real Estate and Construction

Our Real Estate and Construction team strives to provide comprehensive service to a diverse range of clients. The team covers the whole spectrum of property related working including acquisitions and disposals of commercial property and land, all types of leases and property management agreements, purchasing land at auctions, etc. We provide legal advice to all stages of construction projects, starting from the conception and until the completion. Our services include:

  • legal audit of real estate our clients intend to purchase, including investigation of the title, checking existing charges and encumbrances, etc.;
  • assisting clients with registration of rights to and transactions with real estate;
  • drafting contracts and analysing security and mortgage agreements;
  • advising on all aspects of privatisation of real property;
  • acting for clients in litigation related to contested privatisation of businesses as going concerns;
  • advising in the matters of changing a category of land;
  • finalising titles to land;
  • assisting clients in formalising the conveyance of the land together with the conveyance of a building or construction;
  • protecting rights and interest of investors.

The Firms provides a full range of legal services to all construction projects, including commercial construction projects in all sectors of industry, and residential construction projects:

  • applying for planning permission;
  • structuring, negotiating and implementing project financing;
  • commissioning new constructions and formalising title deeds to new properties.

We provide a full range of services regarding safety of immovable assets against raider’s attacks. We advise Clients on preventing the illegal appropriation of property. We conduct comprehensive asset monitoring to identify signs of a possible raider’s attack and provide a detailed counter plan.