​The responsibility of the State for raider cases that are not investigated


The leader of real estate and construction practice of Salkom Law Firm Tymofii Sykorskiy has analyzed the legal possibilities of state responsibility in connection with unsolved raider crimes.

Less than a month ago, a Temporary Special Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Investor Protection was established. The first meeting of this body was devoted to contracting of raiding.

As a result of contracting of raiding, businesses often regain their rights in the courts. At the same time, it is often impossible to identify the customers and organizers of these crimes due to the inaction of the investigative bodies. But can business then demand recovery from the state?

Allegedly, the final answer to this question was provided in the Resolution of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court of September 3, 2019 in case №916/ 1423/17 (the answer is – no it can’t).

However, everything is not so obvious? It turns out that with proper preparation and with a well-chosen method of protection, this is a completely feasible task.

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