Corporate Law. М&A

The Salkom Law Firm has many years’ worth of experience in providing complete and feasible solutions to large and medium sized businesses both in Ukraine and abroad.

Our Corporate law and M&A practice team offers the following services:

  • legal advice on company structure and assistance in company formation;
  • making necessary filings and notifications with the regulatory authorities, both at the time of the formation of a company and in the course of its activity;
  • legal advice on inbound investment regulation in Ukraine and practical assistance in registration of foreign investments;
  • reorganisation of corporations and partnerships;
  • restructuring joint stock corporations to make their structure compliant with the new law on joint stock corporations of 17 September 2008;
  • legal support to M&A transactions, including handling tax efficient acquisitions and sales of companies and ownership interests;
  • obtaining necessary clearances and approvals for M&A transactions from government agencies;
  • protection against hostile takeovers and corporate blackmailing;
  • legal support to transactions with securities;
  • convening and holding general meetings of shareholders or members of companies;
  • corporate governance planning and modelling depending on the industry specifics and business owners’ objectives;
  • winding up and liquidation of companies and their independent units;
  • complex due diligence of a business intended for purchase by clients;
  • resolution of corporate disputes and conflicts.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • assisting clients in developing and perfecting standards of corporate governance;
  • advising and assisting in all matters of M&A transactions, including domestic and cross-border arrangements;
  • providing comprehensive post-completion support, including suggesting cost-effective solutions for businesses or advising on restructuring.