European work standards for realtors


By order of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Research and Training Center for Standardization, Certification and Quality Problems” No. 40 dated 02.27.2019, from March 1, 2019, national standards for the services of real estate agents and general requirements for rental conditions for consumers were introduced. That is, for realtors in Ukraine, European standards of work have been established, which is a positive trend because the activities of realtors in the legal field of our country are not fully regulated by the current legislation, unlike Europe, where the activities of realtors are strictly controlled.

To become a realtor in Europe, you need to undergo special training, courses, pass an exam and get a license. For example, in Germany, in case of an error in drawing up a contract or providing incorrect information to an investor, a realtor is canceled the license, in the country the activities of realtors are regulated at the state level. It's no secret that in Ukraine the methods of work of realtors are not defined by law, therefore it is quite difficult to hold an unscrupulous realtor accountable.

These standards already exist in Europe, and Ukraine only implements these standards in its legal field. The text of the standards is available in English, to familiarize yourself with this document, it must be purchased at the standardization center.

Sergey Melnichenko, lawyer at Salkom Law Firm