Scientific and Analytical Centre

The Scientific and Analytical Centre was set up by the Salkom Law Firm in 1992.

Professor Victor Tsvetkov, a corresponding member of the National Academy of Legal Sciences, became the first Head of the Centre. He designed the concept of the organisational structure and formulated the Centre’s goals and objectives. The main objective of the Centre is the use of the intellectual potential of the legal science for solving practical legal matters and issues in clients’ interests.

Using a unique combination of scientific knowledge and practical experience and benefiting from close cooperation between practitioners and scientists, the Firm can resolve the most complex legal problems. Members of the Scientific and Analytical Centre participate in drafting legal opinions, memoranda, due diligence reviews for the Firm’s clients, and help lawyers prepare to the most complicated court proceedings. They also organise and attend various conferences, seminars, forums, etc.

The Centre, together with the Koretskyy Institute of the State and Law of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, regularly organises methodological seminars on the most pressing legal issues: The basic problems of the reform of judiciary (1999), Legal support of cross-border operations of Ukraine (2000), Parliamentarism in Ukraine: theory and practice (2001), Administrative reform: aspects and prospects (2001), Land Code of Ukraine: practical problems (2002), international round table discussion on the problems of harmonising commercial laws of Ukraine and European countries (2002), Civil and Commercial Codes of Ukraine: problems of theory and practice (2003), Democratic processes of the development of Ukrainian state and civil society (2005), The national state and law and globalisation (2007), Theoretical and methodological aspects of the modern constitutionalism and state governance in Ukraine (2009).

The Centre also organises seminars on major issues of the practice of law, such as Guarantees of ownership rights: lawyers’ opinions on famous court cases (2005), Corporate conflicts: nature, consequences, solutions (organised together with the Dnepropetrovska Oblast State Administration, 2005), Aspects of state corporate rights management (organised together with the State Property Fund of Ukraine, 2006), Legal regulation of the capital markets of Ukraine: priorities and prospects (2006), The Bill on Joint Stock Corporations: invitation to discussion (together with the Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine, 2008), Joint Stock Corporations Law and modern business (experience of Ukraine and other countries) (together with Egorov, Puginsiy, Afanasiev and partners Law Offices (Russia), 2009).

In 1993, the first issue of the Review of Active Laws and Legal Practice of Ukraine was published by the Centre. From that time on, this publication has been circulated on a regular basis. Renowned Ukrainian and foreign lawyers take part in preparing the Review. For instance, the 2003 Review entitled Harmonisation of the laws of Ukraine and the European courtiers comprised essays written by scientists and practising lawyers from Ukraine, Russia, France, Great Britain, Italy, and Switzerland. In 2005, a monograph entitled Modern Constitutionalism written by renowned Ukrainian scientist and lawyer Vladimir Shapoval made the first part of the regular publication. It also included the other work – the British Constitution, written in the early 1990s by the same author but still topical. The Constitutional Acts of the European Union published in 2010 has become a logical continuation. This book presents a unique translation of the constitutional documents of the European Union as amended by the Treaty of Lisbon into the Ukrainian language.