Tymofii Sykorskiy, Partner of Salkom Law Firm, has participated in Legal Real Estate Forum

On October 30, the Legal Real Estate Forum took place in Kyiv. In real-time conversation the participants of the Forum discussed issues regarding investments in real estate, urban planning novelties and real estate market outlook.

The raiders activity was the most controversial question. Before 2016 only a few knew about such fact as raiders activity. But during 2017-2019 the majotity of top lowyers in real estate sphere have faced with this phenomenon. The leader of real estate and construction practice of Salkom Law Firm Tymofii Sykorskiy has a huge experience in prevention and counteraction of raiders activity. That’s why the discussion was lively.

The newest legislation updates namely so called Law for protection of property №159-IX that is already signed by President and will enter into force on 02 November 2019 introduces a real acting mechanisms of prevention of raiders activity. The key mechanism is a total termination of accredited individuals (all notorious Municipal Enterprises).