Salkom Service consulting firm provides services that help clients organise efficient, manageable, predictable and profitable business.

Highly qualified specialists of the Salkom Service have a wealth of experience in providing advice on the matters of company formation and management, perform objective analysis of a company’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and suggests innovative solutions for optimising the efficiency of management, technology and business.  

Salkom Service applies integrated approach to the company management that helps improve manageability of the company’s units and branches, increase efficiency of the business and improve financial, administrative, technological and legal stability.

Salkom Service offers both complex and spot services in the following areas:

  • general management: organisational structure and development; optimisation of management and control systems; strategic planning, diversification of business,  etc.
  • administration: identifying responsibilities to be performed by the back office, grouping responsibilities into departments or divisions, and specifying organisational relationships, organising systems of security, planning work spaces and equipment;  
  • financial management: accounting and reporting systems, assessment of capital disbursements; turnover; reducing overhead costs, increasing income and profitability; insolvency, taxation, financial reserves;
  • personnel management: promotions and staff reduction measures; corporate culture; equal opportunities policies, incentive programmes, internal relations; performance reviews; employment agreements, motivation and benefits;
  • production: automation, use of equipment, regulation of internal distribution of materials, production control, quality control, productivity enhancement;
  • information technologies: CAD/ACS; ip telephony solutions; the use of computers for audit and valuation; search engines, administrative information systems, system design and development; system development and installation;
  • special services: informational consulting, legal consulting.

Furthermore, Salkom Service cooperates with the Salkom Law Firm in providing advice and assistance in restructuring, merger, acquisition and disposal of a company (undertaking).