The role of international arbitration is constantly growing because, apart from its main role as a dispute resolution instrument, it promotes international trade, encourage contractual relations between businesses from different countries, and supports integration of legal systems. The strengthening of this particular role improves the arbitration process itself and raises standards that must be reached by lawyers practising in this field
Author: Interview with Evgen Kubko
On 20 September 2011 the European Court of Human Rights made a judgment in the Yukos v. Russia case. Due to a number of reasons, this case is of particular interest to Ukrainian lawyers
Author: Viktor Korolenko
The Court considered that the reduction of the LyNOS’s arrears towards the applicant company deprived the applicant company of an opportunity to receive the money it had legitimately expected to receive, placed an excessive burden on the applicant company and was therefore incompatible with Article 1 of Protocol No. 1 Accordingly the Court found that there had been a violation of the right to peaceful enjoyment of possessions
Author: Bogdana Kviatkovska's comment
Although law enforcement agencies have broad powers, there is an exhaustive list of grounds for searches and strict requirements for conducting one
Author: Comment of Taras Lukash
An introduction of the model code into Ukrainian law brought in confusions and contradictions
Author: Kateryna Kruhlyuk, Nataliia Ruda
An analysis of the provisions of the Law of Ukraine on Court Fees setting forth court fees and payment procedures, and their ramifications and spin-offs
Author: Andriy Lazebny
By nature, Forex market is a vast net of foreign currency brokers located everywhere in the world and connected by telecommunication networks who work as an integral mechanism. Forex is deemed a global currency exchange office and is considered one of the most effective instruments for personal assets management
Author: Yuri Leonov, Nataliia Drozdova
The article deals with the powers of fiscal bodies to perform investigations into labour law violations by taxpayers and sanctions that may be imposed on those who fail to comply
Author: Volodymyr Talashchenko
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