It is a regular occurrence that similar cases are brought before administrative and commercial courts. It specifically applies to cases concerning protection of economic competition and abuse of monopoly position in the market
Author: Eduard Tregubov
It seems practical to remove a provision requiring mandatory technical registration of existing personal databases with the State Register
Author: Comment by Taras Lukash
Any business, and, specifically, legal business, calls for professional rather than family relationships
Author: Comment by Evgen Kubko
The introduction of mandatory buy-out will ensure protection for both majority and minority shareholders rights
Author: Kateryna Kruhliuk
To resolve a problem with assessing and collecting fines, legislation should be amended
Author: Victoria Klymiuk, Elena Tregubova
The legislator’s intent to establish a legal framework for underregulated land relationships allegedly aimed at creating favourable conditions for investors while preserving agricultural land as the main national value that belongs to the state and its citizens could have been viewed as a change for the best had it not been for doubtful mechanisms employed in attaining this goal
Author: Comment by Sofia Savruk
In the year that elapsed after the Tax Code of Ukraine had been enacted tax payers and practising lawyers felt strongly its profound effect on their day-to-day activity.
Author: Interview with Yuri Leonov
The importance of issues arising in connection with the protection of personal databases is constantly growing as the day when laws imposing new criminal and administrative liability for failure to comply with statutory requirements in this area will be coming into effect is fast approaching
Author: Taras Lukash, Natalia Drozdova
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