The lack of regulation of implications of a failure to buy back shares in the articles of association of a joint stock corporation causes disputes with the National Commission for Securities and Capital Market
Author: Yuri Chirskiii
A requirement that the articles of association of a joint stock corporation must define implications of a failure to buy back shares set forth by the Joint Stock Corporation Act contradicts the Civil Code of Ukraine which determines that legal implications of a failure to perform obligations may be established only by a statute or an agreement
Author: Comment by Yuri Chirskii
A difference in positions taken by the Supreme Court of Ukraine and the Highest Specialised Court on disputes that arise out of loans is noteworthy
Author: Comment by Andrey Lazebnyi
Domestic legislation provides for incompatible procedures that are to be followed by bailiffs when re-serving a writ of execution
Author: Andrey Lazebnyi
It is highly recommended that an investment agreement provide for the obligation of an investor to submit required documents to the city-planning authority at the investor’s request
Author: Comment by Timofei Sikorskii
Nowadays, it is a regular occurrence that a business requires additional financing. Loans can be obtained from other businesses. The question is, would it be possible for a company that pays tax under the general regime to repay a loan in kind rather than in cash
Author: Elena Tregubova
In the past year, the Antimonopoly Authority imposed fines of about UAH 2 million on fraudulent advertisers
Author: Eduard Tregubov
It is a regular occurrence that similar cases are brought before administrative and commercial courts. It specifically applies to cases concerning protection of economic competition and abuse of monopoly position in the market
Author: Eduard Tregubov
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