There are several options available for the exclusion of a member from a company. The most common ones are the withdrawal of a member, the assignment by a member of their interests in a company to third parties, and the expulsion. This article analyses issues relative to the expulsion of a member from a company
Author: Nataliia Rudaya
The lack of regulation of implications of a failure to buy back shares in the articles of association of a joint stock corporation causes disputes with the National Commission for Securities and Capital Market
Author: Yuri Chirskiii
A requirement that the articles of association of a joint stock corporation must define implications of a failure to buy back shares set forth by the Joint Stock Corporation Act contradicts the Civil Code of Ukraine which determines that legal implications of a failure to perform obligations may be established only by a statute or an agreement
Author: Comment by Yuri Chirskii
A difference in positions taken by the Supreme Court of Ukraine and the Highest Specialised Court on disputes that arise out of loans is noteworthy
Author: Comment by Andrey Lazebnyi
Domestic legislation provides for incompatible procedures that are to be followed by bailiffs when re-serving a writ of execution
Author: Andrey Lazebnyi
It is highly recommended that an investment agreement provide for the obligation of an investor to submit required documents to the city-planning authority at the investor’s request
Author: Comment by Timofei Sikorskii
Nowadays, it is a regular occurrence that a business requires additional financing. Loans can be obtained from other businesses. The question is, would it be possible for a company that pays tax under the general regime to repay a loan in kind rather than in cash
Author: Elena Tregubova
In the past year, the Antimonopoly Authority imposed fines of about UAH 2 million on fraudulent advertisers
Author: Eduard Tregubov
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