Many disputes are wrongfully considered uncapable of settling by arbitration due to the imperfections of the law establishing exclusive jurisdisction of Ukrainian courts
Author: Andrii Kubko
UN human rights agreements are an effective instrument for settling disputes with states at the international level
Author: Eduard Tregubov
Pursuant to Article 25-1 of the Law of Ukraine “On Advertising”, advertising of buildings and facilities in order to sell residential or non-residential premises, including those related to raising funds from individuals, shall be permitted solely under a construction license (permit) and a permit to construct the specific building being advertised. Such advertising must indicate the number of the license (permit), the date of its issue and the name of the authority which has issued the license (permit).
Starting from 1 January 2013 proprietary rights to real estate are subject to the registration under the new rules. Land rights refer to the real estate rights that must necessarily be registered.
Real estate is taxable in Ukraine. The provisions of Article 265 of the Tax Code of Ukraine introducing the real estate tax have been in effect for less than three months, but there are already controversial issues and certain practice regarding this matter.
Due to the legislation currently in effect, Ukrainian companies that wish to take the IPO journey are restructureing by introducing into their structure a foreign holding company - the ultimate parent for a Ukrainian business
Author: Comment by Oksana Kyrychenko
The most important precondition for converting non-residential premises into residential one is their suitability for human habitation. The conversion involves major repairs, restoration, renovation, reconstruction, etc.
Author: Comment by Sophia Savruk
A number of regulations governing mortgage insurance fall out of line with statutes
Author: Nataliia Drozdova
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