Due to the legislation currently in effect, Ukrainian companies that wish to take the IPO journey are restructureing by introducing into their structure a foreign holding company - the ultimate parent for a Ukrainian business
Author: Comment by Oksana Kyrychenko
The most important precondition for converting non-residential premises into residential one is their suitability for human habitation. The conversion involves major repairs, restoration, renovation, reconstruction, etc.
Author: Comment by Sophia Savruk
A number of regulations governing mortgage insurance fall out of line with statutes
Author: Nataliia Drozdova
Despite a rapid growth in information technologies, encyclopaedias remain collectable, believes Evgen Kubko
Author: Interview with Evgen Kubko
Following the enactment of the new Customs Code, electronic customs clearance will become mandatory starting 1 January 2015. However, state financing is crucial to the implementation of these measures
Author: Comment by Nataliia Drozdova
Generally speaking, the adoption of the new Customs Code appears to be a positive development for Ukraine that promotes the adjustment of the domestic law to the International convention for the simplification and harmonisation of customs procedures and other international rules and
Author: Comment by Elena Tregubova
The rule according to which factual data collected by investigative bodies and public prosecutor offices is to have a status of evidence only after it has been found admissible by court seems to be a positive development in the draft Code of Criminal Procedure
Author: Comment by Taras Lukash
There are several options available for the exclusion of a member from a company. The most common ones are the withdrawal of a member, the assignment by a member of their interests in a company to third parties, and the expulsion. This article analyses issues relative to the expulsion of a member from a company
Author: Nataliia Rudaya
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