Since last November, when the former Ukrainian President rejected the Association Agreement with the EU, Ukraine has been undergoing a people’s revolution, culminating in more than 100 people killed in Kyiv in February and an evolving aftermath with threats of separatism in Crimea.
The article deals with theoretical and methodological problems of the implementation of international legal standards in administrative activity and system of administrative justice. Standards of the doctrinal understanding of the relationships between standards of administrative activities and administrative proceedings are offerd by the author. Factors affecting standards in this area, objectives of comparative law and ways for improving administrative justice are substantiated. Sources of international legal standards, methods of their interpretation and application are identified in the article
Author: Evgen Kubko
Evgen Kubko and Peter Teluk tell about the rationale for the creation of the Squire Sanders - Salkom International Association
Author: Interview with Evgen Kubko and Peter Teluk
Detention is a temporary preventive measure. During a pre-trial investigation, detention can be ordered by an investigating judge at the request of an investigator approved by a prosecutor except in the cases set out below. In case a person detained has not been served with a reasoned detention order issued by a court, he/she should be released immediately.
Author: Comment by Taras Lukash
Many disputes are wrongfully considered uncapable of settling by arbitration due to the imperfections of the law establishing exclusive jurisdisction of Ukrainian courts
Author: Andrii Kubko
UN human rights agreements are an effective instrument for settling disputes with states at the international level
Author: Eduard Tregubov
Pursuant to Article 25-1 of the Law of Ukraine “On Advertising”, advertising of buildings and facilities in order to sell residential or non-residential premises, including those related to raising funds from individuals, shall be permitted solely under a construction license (permit) and a permit to construct the specific building being advertised. Such advertising must indicate the number of the license (permit), the date of its issue and the name of the authority which has issued the license (permit).
Starting from 1 January 2013 proprietary rights to real estate are subject to the registration under the new rules. Land rights refer to the real estate rights that must necessarily be registered.
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