The commentary prepared by Taras Lukash, a partner with the Salkom Law Firm, focuses on important issues of counteracting abuse of procedural rights and liability of parties to proceedings for such violations.
The commentary provided by Valerii Lukomskyi, a senior partner with the firm, analyses the aspects of rebranding strategies used by law firms, advantages and disadvantages, and specifics of rebranding on the market of legal services.
The commentary given by Yurii Chyrskyi, a lawyer with the Salkom, focuses on changes in legislation aimed at simplifying video footage taken by journalists during court hearings but instead could result in deterioration of relationships between the judiciary and mass media.
The article "Monetary and Non-Monetary Claim" is dedicated to the aspects of calculation of court fees when claims are filed with administrative courts.
The commentary given by Victoria Klymyuk, a lawyer with the firm, focuses on the lack of responsibility of parties to criminal proceedings poses a risk of unreasonable delays in proceedings.
The commentary focuses on the analysis of the established court practice in the most important matters relating to the declaration of invalidity of documents confirming a title to land.
On 24 November 2015, the Parliament adopted the Law of Ukraine on Making amendments to Article 60 of the Law of Ukraine on Commercial Entities to reduce a quorum requirement of the general meeting of members of a company with limited liability.
The publication is dedicated to a discussion concerning the formation of commercial arbitration that will provide an alternative to the existing ICAC at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The author expressed doubts as to the need for an alternative arbitral tribunal in the current environment.
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