Voluntary liquidation can be instigated by the company which is solvent and can discharge all its existing liabilities and make all the payments due to its creditors, employees, budgets, etc.
Author: Kateryna Sokurenko
2011 will be a hard year, for new but yet unknown rules of the game are to be laid down soon.
A new text of the Law of Ukraine on Preventing and counteracting the legalisation of the proceeds from criminal activity (money laundering) and financing of terrorism that came into force on 21 August 2010 has made a big splash.
Author: Natalia Drozdova
Almost a half of the year has already gone since the day (i.e. 30 April 2009) when the Law of Ukraine on Joint Stock Corporations adopted on 17 September 2008 came into force.
Author: Kateryna Sokurenko and Yuri Chyrskyy
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