It is of crucial importance that a company’s constitutional documents and internal regulations clearly determine rights and duties of the company's executive bodies.
Author: Yuri Chyrskyy's comment
One of the criteria for considering shares and bonds of Ukrainian issuer to be assets of a pension fund is registration of these securities with a trader and the issuer’s compliance with terms and regulations set forth by the trader
Author: Pavlo Lukomskyy
Recently, the government has made a number of positive steps aimed at improving situation in the area of formation and liquidation of commercial entities. It includes a simplified procedure for striking companies off the register on the basis of a court decision; introduction of an electronic filing system for primary registration; lifting a requirement for permission to make a company seal, etc.
Author: Olena Tregubova's comment
The enlarged list of cases, over which courts do not have jurisdiction, witnesses that the judicial reform fails to ensure the right to judicial protection, which gives grounds for major concerns.
Author: Eduard Tregubov's comment
The government may impose mandatory registration of cross-border agreements only in cases prescribed by the law and only for the purposes set forth by the law.
Author: Andriy Kubko
The situation when a limited liability company has a sole member is almost perfect as it levaes no room for any corporate dispute between company members.
Author: Kateryna Sokurenko's comment
There is a need for a more precise definition of a statement of complaint against Ukraine which should take into account international experience and practice.
Author: Andriy Kubko's comment
After the inception of Ukraine’s independence, the formation of legal business has been influenced by certain historical circumstances; and now this business is ready to accede to international standards
Author: Evgen Kubko's comment
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