Due to the enactment of the new Banking Law, the market of banking services in on the brink of drastic changes. First of all, compliance with the new Law must be ensured.
Author: Nataliya Drozdova
There is no other choice but to admit that the existing labour and employment law is poorly balanced and suffers from gaps that has to be closed with legislation
Author: Interview with Yuri Leonov
Some provisions of law that regulate the protection of IP rights remain difficult to apply in practice
Author: Eduard Tregubov
This year, land legislation is bound to change.
Author: Sofia Savruk's comment
It is of crucial importance that a company’s constitutional documents and internal regulations clearly determine rights and duties of the company's executive bodies.
Author: Yuri Chyrskyy's comment
One of the criteria for considering shares and bonds of Ukrainian issuer to be assets of a pension fund is registration of these securities with a trader and the issuer’s compliance with terms and regulations set forth by the trader
Author: Pavlo Lukomskyy
Recently, the government has made a number of positive steps aimed at improving situation in the area of formation and liquidation of commercial entities. It includes a simplified procedure for striking companies off the register on the basis of a court decision; introduction of an electronic filing system for primary registration; lifting a requirement for permission to make a company seal, etc.
Author: Olena Tregubova's comment
The enlarged list of cases, over which courts do not have jurisdiction, witnesses that the judicial reform fails to ensure the right to judicial protection, which gives grounds for major concerns.
Author: Eduard Tregubov's comment
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