News of Ukrainian corporate law (in the context of the Law of Ukraine on Joint Stock Companies)
Author: Prof. Dr. Evgen Kubko
The enactment of the Law of Ukraine on City Planning has again brought into focus an issue of ensuring effective mechanisms for imposing sanctions for violation of urban planning regulations. This issue became a centre of attention due to the registration of Draft law No. 8597 on Amendments to some laws and regulations of Ukraine concerning the strengthening of liability provisions and improving government regulation of urban planning with the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine.
Author: Pavlo Lukomskyi, Sofia Savruk
Domestic legislation fails to keep pace with the advancement of social relations in the area of antitrust law hence causing difficulties in application of some statutory provisions. One of the problems stems from the requirement to apply for a clearance for concentration when operations with integral property complexes are underway
Author: Yuriy Leonov, Eduard Tregubov
An increase in the number of customers of electronic payment systems in Ukraine, despite the convenience of this mode of payments and widespread use around the world, bears certain risks. Using such systems, a business may virtually avoid paying any tax altogether.
Author: Yuriy Leonov, Olena Tregubova
Due to the enactment of the new Banking Law, the market of banking services in on the brink of drastic changes. First of all, compliance with the new Law must be ensured.
Author: Nataliya Drozdova
There is no other choice but to admit that the existing labour and employment law is poorly balanced and suffers from gaps that has to be closed with legislation
Author: Interview with Yuri Leonov
Some provisions of law that regulate the protection of IP rights remain difficult to apply in practice
Author: Eduard Tregubov
This year, land legislation is bound to change.
Author: Sofia Savruk's comment
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