The Law of Ukraine on Urban Planning and Development: Optimization of Regulatory Procedures in the Area of Development and Construction

The Law is aimed at improving the procedures and rules for granting planning permission and ensuring steady development of urban areas. This Law can provide highly beneficial for investors, both domestic and foreign, wishing to invest in urban development.
Author: Pavlo Lukomskyy, Tymofiy Sikorskyy
Source: Guide to Ukrainian Real Estate Market 2011

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The procedure for vesting powers in a person elected (appointed) to a company’s executive body is complex and comprises of components governed by labour and employment, civil, and commercial law
Author: Yuri Chyrskyy
The definition of an integral property complex laid down by Ukrainian legislation is ambiguous and contradictory. From a practical standpoint such imprecision causes troubles as this legal structure comprises of both economic and legal elements.
Author: Eduard Tregubov