The issue was dedicated to the practical aspects of the new developments in civil procedure. The articles anal
The article analyses court judgments made in disputes between parents concerning the determination of a child's place of residence if parents are separated.
The commentary focuses on important and problematic issues that arise in connection with the regulatory assessment of the value of the land plot that has to be taken into account when the parties to a lease discuss the rent clause.
The article was included in the Issue Theme section dedicated to Telecommunications, and focuses on the use of a gaming model in the area of telecommunications that has become very popular nowadays.
In particular, the article underlines that the grounds for changes and amendments to a contract should be expressly provided for by law or agreed by the parties to the contracts; otherwise, it will be deemed as interference in the freedom of commercial relationships by a court.
In particular, it was noted that parties engaged in commerce should take notice of the current status of their property rights and use efforts to discover possible violations in a timely manner to be able to enforce such rights and avail themselves of the judicial remedies.
The article reviews the forms of control over the activity of a company’s executive body, for instance, by establishing a supervisory board.
In the interview, the partners discussed details of providing legal support to the Host Broadcaster of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, shared their exciting professional experience and personal impressions from this major-scale project.
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