The Salkom’s lawyers represented Serhiy Sobolev, a member of the Ukrainian Parliament from the Batkivshchyna Party, in the defamation case filed by another member of the Ukrainian Parliament Serhiy Pashynskyi.
The Salkom Law Firm welcomes children from ProfuCamp Children’s Centre
During the visit, the children received a lot of new information about jurisprudence, laws, human rights, and about legal professions. Now they know how legal knowledge can be used, when people need legal services, and how to build career in the sphere of law. The kids also received a tour of the Salkom Law Firm and found out what an associate with a law firm does during a working day. Now, it will be easier for them to choose their future profession.
The meeting of the Academic Council of the Research Institute of Intellectual Property of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was devoted to the 15th anniversary of the Institute.
On 15 June 2015 Lufthansa Group celebrated the 25th anniversary of the operations in Ukraine.
The event was hosted at the Atmosphere Restaurant at the Premier Palace Hotel. Evgen Kubko, a senior partner, and Taras Lukash, a partner with the Salkom Law Firm were among the friend and partners who were invited to the celebration.
The participants has an opportunity to discuss trends in the development of intellectual property law, controversial aspects of copyright and patent law, and court decisions made in disputes relating to intellectual property.
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