The commercial court in the Odessa Oblast and higher courts denied claims brought by Parytet-S Company against Winner Imports Ukraine, Ltd. seeking to remove obstacles in using the property and damages in excess of 1 million UAH.
Social contacts
Evgen Kubko and Valerii Lukomskyi, senior partners with the Salkom Law Firm, attended a demonstration of a new Mercedes-Benz M-Class organised by the AvtoCapital Company.
On 09 September 2011 Eduard Tregubov and Evgen Shylo, lawyers with the Salkom Law Firm, attended the Advocacy in Competition roundtable organised by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.
The Salkom Law Firm has successfully protected the right to use a land plot of Lira-2000 LLC. Lira-2000 LLC is an owner of an office building, Belveder restaurant and a new concert hall that comprise a multipurpose complex located at 1 Dniprovskyi Uzviz in Kiev.
Eduard Tregubov and Elena Tregubova, lawyers of the Salkom Law Firm, co-authored the book entitled “Juristic acts. General provisions on obligations. General provisions on a contract. Contractual obligations”.
The book is a practical commentary on the Civil Code of Ukraine and is accompanied by excerpts from court judgments. The publication is an indispensable reference book that comprises factual data on the practice of application by Ukrainian courts of statutes that govern juristic acts, obligations, and specific types of contractual obligations.
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