The Salkom Law Firm acted for the Ukrainian Swimming Federation at the Kiev city Court of Appeal, in the proceedings brought by claimants who had lost the case for damages at a trial court.
Yuri Leonov, a partner with the Salkom Law Firm, and Kateryna Kruglyuk, Department Director in the firm, have attended the V Annual Corporate Law Forum
On 28 October 2011 the V Annual Corporate Law Forum was held by the Ukrainian Bar Association at the Premier Palace Hotel in Kiev.
Salkom Law Firm lawyers have played for Legal Weekly Bowling Cup
A bowling tournament dedicated to the Lawyer’s Day celebration was organised by the Yurydychnyi Svit Publishing House and the Legal Weekly and supported by Mega-NAU professional legal system and Conflicts and Law internet portal.
The Salkom Law Firm provided legal advice and representation in the Kiev city administrative court of appeal to Osnova-Solsif Ukrainian-French Joint Venture.
The Salkom Law Firm has become a member of International Turkish Ukrainian Businessmen Association (TUID)
TUID is an international organisation founded in 2004. The Association joins together businessmen from Ukraine and Turkey with a view to coordinating business activity from both sides and promoting growth and development of business. TUID’s objective is not only to establish and develop trade and economic relations between the states but also to implement social projects.
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