On 9 February 2012 Safia Savruk, a lawyer with the Salkom Law Firm, attended the International agribusiness fair InterAgro-2012 and took part in the roundtable Investments: how much will Ukraine’s agricultural sector earn in the future?
The Salkom Law Firm have made Yuri Dzera a partner. Yuri specialises in civil and commercial law, company law, contract law, regulatory compliance, and tax law. He has a broad experience in providing comprehensive legal advice to complex projects in the areas of telecommunications and real estate. Mr Dzera is also a successful litigation lawyer.
The Salkom Law Firm lawyers have proved in court that RIF-1 Joint Venture, whish is one of the leading footwear manufacturers trading under IN BLU trading name, is entitled to a tax credit.
On 26-27 January 2012 the II Ukrainian Competition Forum was held under the auspices of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. Pavlo Lukomskyi, Head of the Department, and Eduard Tregubov, a lawyer with the Salkom Law Firm, were among the participants.
Evgen Kubko and Valerii Lukomskyi, senior partners with the Salkom Law Firm, have been recommended by the international guide Legal Experts EMEA 2012
Following research, the international guide Legal Experts EMEA identified Evgen Kubko as a leading expert in banking, finance and capital markets and corporate and M&A. Valerii Lukomskyi has been recommended as a leading expert in dispute resolution.
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