On 29 January 2013, the Chamber Anti-Corruption Working Group Meeting with participation of Mr. Viktor Solovyov, Head of Anticorruption Department of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (the NSDCU) was held.
Eduard Tregubov, a lawyer with the Salkom Law Firm, opened the 2013 first  meeting of the Antimonopoly Working Group of the American Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine
On 17 January 2013 this year's first meeting of the Chamber Antimonopoly Working Group was held at the Horizon Park Business Centre. The meeting was attended by businessmen and lawyers with top Ukrainian law Firms.
The Salkom Law Firm has celebrated its Birthday
On 28 December 2012 the Salkom Law Firm celebrated held the Birthday party at the restaurant on the roof of the Riviera Hotel. The employees and guests had an opportunity to sum up the year’s results and discuss plans for the future, socialise, enjoy an exquisite buffet, and dance to the lively music.
On 20 November 2012 an annual general meeting of the European Business Association was hosted by the Fairmont Grand Hotel. A report about the work of the Association in 2012 was presented to the participants, and a resolution to approve aims of the EBA to be achieved in 2013 was made.
Evgen Kubko, President of the Salkom Law Firm, has attended Kiev Arbitration Days 2012: Thinking Globally conference
On 15-16 November 2012 Kiev Arbitration Days: Thinking Globally conference organised by the Ukrainian Bar Association was hosted by the Radisson Blu Hotel. During the two days, top Ukrainian and foreign legal practitioners and experts in international arbitration from Austria, Italy, Poland, the USA discussed the most interesting and important issues in the area of international arbitration.
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