On 19 April 2018, Yurii Leonov, a partner with the Firm, attended SUP DAY FORUM 2018

The Forum organised by business for business once again brought together likeminded people and advocates for positive changes and development in the Ukrainian business environments.

The participants discussed strategies for building successful business in Ukraine and abroad, finding personnel, financing, technologies and clients, implementing business-decisions and improving personal efficiency to be able to do more and have a brighter lifestyle, etc.

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The Salkom Law Firm is delighted to announce that Victoria Klymyuk has become one of the firm’s partners.
The event was organised by the Yuridicheskaya Praktica newspaper and hosted by the Premier Palace Hotel. Of the vast number of topics discussed during the Forum, the most important included issues of development of the domestic industries and the ability of the legal framework and regulatory policies implemented by the state to support the development.