A meeting of the Real Estate and Construction Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association was held on 27 February 2019. The committee members, lawyers from various law firms, representatives of a banking sector, experts and members of the Council of the UBA Committee discussed the issues pertinent to the real estate sector, such as a status of escrow agents and a procedure for becoming one, what beneficiaries should do to receive money from an escrow account, which documents are required, and what a filing procedure is.
This conference, in association with the Italian Association for Arbitration (AIA) and the Milan Chamber of Commerce (CAM), offered some of the best known and experienced practitioners in the field of international arbitration, both Advocates and Arbitrators, to discuss, and then demonstrate, how to cross-examine witnesses effectively and efficiently in an international arbitration. The programme made it clear that not all international arbitrations – and not all witnesses – are the same.
The Best Lawyers International, one of the most respected global peer-review surveys, released its 2019 edition of Best Lawyers in Ukraine.
The Forum organised by business for business once again brought together likeminded people and advocates for positive changes and development in the Ukrainian business environments.
The Salkom Law Firm is delighted to announce that Victoria Klymyuk has become one of the firm’s partners.
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